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Training & Counseling

Dog and Puppy Training

Our training philosophy relies heavily on the method of positive reinforcement, a system which utilizes rewards (food, praise, and other) to bring about permanent changes in behavior. Our task, as caring owners and trainers, is to show the dog that it is to his or her advantage to comply willingly with our requests, thereby making both dog and owner feel like winners.

How We're Different

At Common Scents we teach more than obedience, we also teach life skills. Obedience, while important, does not prepare your dog for interaction with all of the elements of the world around him:

Basic obedience at Common Scents centers on the practical aspects of helping you gain control of your pet's behavior. Emphasis is placed on the core exercises:

Our programs, designed by a degreed and certified animal behaviorist, also deal with normal developmental behaviors:

You'll find support at Common Scents that is not available with other programs:

Our training philosophy uses the principles of positive reinforcement to teach your dog how to win at life, and have fun in the process. It's also fun for owners too! your dog will learn faster, the training will be more permanent, and both of you will enjoy your experience at Common Scents. You won't get a program like this anywhere else.

Come train with the best. Your dog, your family, and your friends will thank you.

Group Obedience Classes

Private Lessons

In-Kennel Training


Brush-Up Training

Interactive Playtime

Problem Dog Behavior/Aggression

Puppy Head Start

Behavior Consultation

Common Scents Canine Training Center is equipped to help you with virtually any behavior which is creating a wedge between you and a healthy relationship with your dog. Our director, Steve Robinson, is a degreed and Certified Dog Behavior Counselor, with over 25 years of hands-on work with numerous breeds and thousands of individual dogs, Steve has both the knowledge and experience to evaluate your dog's problem, establish a root cause, and help you develop a practical, results-oriented approach toward an effective solution. Steve has a special expertise in treating dog aggression.

Solving dog behavior problems requires an intimate knowledge of the canine developmental process as well as an understanding of normal and abnormal behaviors. It also requires that the counselor is able to establish an underlying cause for the difficulties, since this is the only way to develop an effective treatment program. Like people, every dog is an individual; "cookie cutter" solutions for treating behavior problems in dogs are unlikely to succeed, and may actually make the problem worse by inadvertently reinforcing the very behavior you are trying to eliminate.

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